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For All Your Essential Trucking Supplies

Our dedicated shop stocks a variety of supplies and truck accessories.  

Your One-Stop Shop at the Truckstop

The wide range of food and drink includes hot and cold drinks such as bean-to-cup coffee to take away; snacks like crisps and chocolate; freshly made sandwiches and homemade cakes for that much-needed sweet sensation. We also stock ingredients for cab cuisine, from porridge to pasta.  

Trucking essentials include cab cleaning products, toiletries for life on the road, electricals such as chargers and connection cables, and safety equipment such as PPE high-vis jackets. You’ll even find kettles, fans and brushes; newspapers and magazines. 

Other trucking-related merchandise includes model A.W. Jenkinson Transport trucks and mugs, beanies and hats. We also have a cash machine.   

The main reception is where you can book into the motel and also where you can pay for parking and changeovers.  

Our friendly and welcoming staff can order in special items you may need, which you can pick up next time you are passing.