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About Us

We are part of the A.W. Jenkinson Group

The A. W Jenkinson Group was established in Cumbria in the mid-1960s by Allan Jenkinson, who transported unwanted sawdust and wood shavings from local sawmills to farms to be used for livestock and pet bedding. Eventually, demand outstripped the locally available sawdust needed to supply A.W. Jenkinson Forest Product’s growing customer base, which led to partnerships being formed further afield. 

Today the A.W. Jenkinson Group includes a growing number of innovative businesses serving the needs of customers across the UK and northern Europe. They are all very different yet cohesive, and range from its haulage and logistics arm, A.W. Jenkinson Transport Ltd, to waste wood suppliers A&A Recycling Ltd or even bovine genetics and breeding specialists A.W. Jenkinson Farms. The Truckstop is just one of these thriving arms of the group.